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The Paycheck Protection Program landscape has been beyond challenging for small business owners. According to COVID Loan Tracker, as of April 30th, only 10.2% of small business owners report actually receiving PPP loans. That compares to the 30% that say they have already received “approval” for the loan by the SBA. That is a huge lag when you are trying to pay employees.

However, for some, that is not even the biggest issue, as just applying itself is a major headache. Not only are the forms one must submit difficult, but many banks won’t let you apply if you are not a customer, so many are stuck in seemingly hopeless queues at giant banks. With that mind, below is a list of sources where you can apply WITHOUT being a customer.

1. COVID Loan Tracker has partnered with Fundera to offer its own PPP app. Applying with online lending platforms like Fundera increases your chances of success because they are connected to a multitude of lenders and only place your application with banks ready to process them. CLT can see in its data that online lending platforms have had very high success rates in getting PPP loans approved.

APPLY FOR PPP with COVID Loan Tracker/Fundera

2. First State Bank: https://1st.bank/ppp/
3. Banc First: https://www.bancfirst.bank/cares/ppp-apply
4. Eastern Bank: https://www.easternbank.com/ppp-request
5. People’s Bank and Trust: https://www.peoples.bank/ppp
6. TCF Bank: https://commercial.tcfbank.com/sbappp/s/application?

COVID Loan Tracker was started by small business owners Duncan and Rita MacDonald-Korth to help their fellow small business owners understand where PPP and EIDL money is flowing. We are empowering the business community and journalists with the data they need to keep the government accountable.

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In a stat that should absolutely terrify small broker-dealers, a new survey says that for small firms, Reg BI compliance may cost a large portion of your revenue every year. According to the National Society of Compliance Professionals, a small firm with $500,000 in net capital will need to pay $60,000 a year to comply with the new rule. Bigger firms have high costs too—Raymond James will spend $20m up front, and then another $5m per year to comply.

FINSUM: $60,000 a year is a lot of cost to bear for smaller firms, especially because this regulation does not expand business opportunities and will likely only shrink revenue for many.

As most small business owners already know, the Paycheck Protection Program has been nothing short of a debacle. According to COVID Loan Tracker, still only around 10% of those who applied for PPP have received their money. As this new round of PPP funding arrives on Monday, COVID Loan Tracker has launched a partnership with Fundera to help small business owners apply for PPP.

Generally speaking, it is a very good idea to work with online lending platforms like Fundera, Lendio, and those similar. Their model for processing PPPs has proven quite successful, and we can see it in our data. See why below.

Apply for PPP with COVID Loan Tracker

After vetting several partners, here is why COVID Loan Tracker decided to work with Fundera:

1. Faster and more successful: we can see in our data that online platforms like Fundera had the highest success rates. Your application is offered to many lenders, and placed to one that is ready to process them, so you have better odds of success and faster processing times.
2. Transparency and Communication: PPP applicants will receive updates on a regular basis—this is the most transparent PPP application available.
3. Reputable and vetted: Fundera has good reviews and our founders (Duncan+Rita) personally spoke with their CEO and CTO for due diligence.
4. Pre-applications: you can fill out the application now to have it ready once PPP gets more funding.

Apply for PPP with COVID Loan Tracker

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