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The markets took another dive yesterday, with the Dow losing well over a 1%, the S&P 500 down almost 1.5% and the Nasdaq down over 2%. That loss jolted investors out of the sense that things might be back to normal after a strong recovery in recent days. This all begs the question of whether it is really time to start worrying about a recession? A new study from Bank of America says no. The bank did analysis of economic performance going back to the sixties and have found that compared to previous pre-recession cycles, the US is actually moving away from recession now.

FINSUM: Relying on historical data is probably not going to be very fruitful right now as the pretext (artificially low rates etc.) is totally different for this economic cycle.

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BlackRock just reported earnings and the results are not what many expected. Total inflows for the quarter were just $10.6 bn, the lowest since 2016. Interestingly, one of the biggest areas of losses was in passive strategies held by institutional managers, where BlackRock saw $30 bn of withdrawals. The poor results sent BlackRock’s stock to its lowest point since May 2017. BlackRock’s CEO Larry Fink blamed the uncertainty about rates and peak earnings as reasons for the outflows.

FINSUM: What is interesting here is that BlackRock is probably in the best position to keep devouring assets, but even it is having trouble.

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Retail stocks have come back in a big way since their slump in 2017. The whole sector seems to be having a revival in investors’ minds, but challenges remain. Rising costs pressures, tariff complications, and a looming backlog of inventory all look bleak. Consumer spending this Christmas may also be subdued. With valuations high again, there are still some great undervalued names, according to Barron’s. For instance, take a look at Nike, Tiffany, and Amazon.

FINSUM: We hardly think Amazon is a retail stock with room to run. That said, Nike and Tiffany are much more interesting as value picks.

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