Democratic lawmakers are trying to find a back door to dig in to President Trump’s business dealings. Some of those lawmakers have just requested Deutsche Bank to release details of his business relationship with the bank, including his loans, and his potential connection to Russia. They are hoping to see if any of his loans were backed by Russia. Since Democrats are the minority in the House, they don’t have the authority to make Deutsche Bank make any disclosures. However, it remains to be seen if Republican Jeb Hensarling, chairman of the committee that can make such requests, may be interested in doing so.

FINSUM: Would it be so uncommon for a major global property developer to have some links to Russia well before he took office? Certainly not. If Deutsche Bank complies something may surface, but it will probably be blown way out of proportion. It will be interesting to see how bound up in the special probe this all becomes.

Source: Bloomberg


The investigation over the Trump administration’s links to Russia is so polarizing, both in terms of politics and media, that it is quite difficult to separate act from fiction. However, today we are happy to report what appears to be relatively reliable, middle-of-the-road news. The former director of the CIA (who we acknowledge may have a grudge against Trump), gave testimony to Congress that the investigation into Trump was sparked because the CIA found that Russia had forcefully tried to contact a number of Trump aides, despite warnings from the US. The testimony, from former director John Brennan, did not directly implicate Trump in any way, but clarified that when the CIA got the info it handed it over to the FBI to investigate.

FINSUM: Given all the hype recently, this is a refreshingly factual and un-damning testimony that sheds some light on how this whole investigation began.  

Source: Wall Street Journal


The probe over the Trump administration’s links to Russia grew more cloudy yesterday as further “leaks” sought to accuse the president. The Washington Post published an article claiming that President Trump asked two senior intelligence and defense officials to publicly play down the links between his administration and Russia. The White House refuses to acknowledge the claims, saying “The White House does not confirm or deny unsubstantiated claims based on illegal leaks from anonymous individuals”. The investigation over Trump and Russia grew more intense after the president fired FBI director Comey, which led to a special counsel being assigned to investigate the White House.

FINSUM: There is so much rumor and potential disinformation swirling around that it is nearly impossible to separate fact from fiction.

Source: Financial Times

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