The Republican party is set to press ahead with a vote on their healthcare package today despite the fact that they appear to be short of the votes to succeed. The president has been pushing senators to stage the vote, and it is set to be held today. The strangest thing about the vote is that the Republicans are planning it despite the fact that no one is quite sure what the healthcare package is. It will be discussed on the floor before any vote is held, a high unusual gamble by the party. Senator John McCain, who was last week diagnosed with cancer, will return for the vote today.

FINSUM: Anyone’s guess how this plays out. One wonders if the Republicans have a trick up their sleeve, as this can’t be as haphazard as it seems.


The Wall Street Journal has published a foreboding article which warns Americans that Robert Mueller’s investigation of the Trump administration may block political progress for the foreseeable future. The article contends that prosecutors like Mueller have in the past become corrupted by their absolute power, and have held Congress and its politicians hostage. The IRS-Lerner debacle in 2012 deeply hurt the Republican party, and the article cites numerous current politicians who say they are afraid of getting in Mueller’s way.

FINSUM: This seems to be an article supporting Trump’s idea of firing Robert Mueller, so it appears quite biased. That said, it makes some good points about the dangers of a limitless investigation with little oversight.


Trump friends and foes alike—take notice, the biggest firestorm of the President’s career may be about to ignite. In an interview with the New York Times this week, Trump seems to have communicated that he is considering and may try to fire Robert Mueller, the special counsel hired to investigate the President’s ties to Russia, and his whole probe. Trump cannot fire him directly, according to the law, but he could fire the entire senior staff of the DoJ until he finds a replacement that would be willing to dismiss Mueller, so theoretically it is possible. The news follows the announcement that Mueller has expanded his probe into Trump’s private business transactions.

FINSUM: No matter whether you support Trump or not, this would cause an unbelievable political storm in Washington and likely with the public. Our own view is that Trump does not have any troubling connections to the Kremlin and he just needs to ride this misery out rather than reacting and making it worse.

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