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Hedge funds have made it clear they are gonna short those not meeting ESG criteria, but the broader market is still willing to short Tesla because the bottom line means more. Despite all of its sustainability credentials investors are making bets against Tesla. Bill Gates took a big short position apparently, and Tesla CEO Elon Musk chirped back on Twitter, saying it's incompatible with their environmental concerns. All of this happens as Musk secured $44 billion to buy Twitter Inc. This isn't the first time Tesla is no stranger to short-sellers as sharks swarmed the brand for years as they thought they couldn't ramp up production to meet the actual demand. Tesla’s stock skyrocketed nonetheless.

Finsum: Short positions on these public favorites can be extremely risky poisons, there have been lots of strange rallies in the internet era.

Everyone is racing to develop and deliver a new ESG product, and annuities are just the latest on this trend. BlackRock is teaming up with RetireOne and Midland National to deliver an SG option for a Fixed Index Annuity. The index will seek to minimize its exposure to environmental risk and invest in companies with lower C02 emissions, better data privacy, and workforce diversity. ESG assets as a whole could make up 50% or more of assets under management by 2025 and this is an indication of how that trend is entering other industries. Disclosure and ESG risks are prominent considerations for many companies.

Finsum: This is a great option for investors wanting income and ESG to tackle two birds with one stone.

Elon Musk doesn’t hesitate to tell the world how he feels (usually via Twitter), most recently he let loose on ESG. Musk called corporate ESG ‘the Devil Incarnate’. Musk’s comments are a tiny bit surprising as his companies are often found in ESG indices. He is far from the only ESG, Professor at NYU Aswath Damodaran has been a harsh critic. He files the future of ESG into two camps ‘useful idiots’, believing to do good, and ‘feckless naves’ who are virtual signaling an empty void. ESG has faced harsh criticism for greenwashing companies to make them appear more environmentally friendly than they actually are.

Finsum: Regulators might have to step in if ESG is going to save its reputation.

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