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Privatized space launches were a hot topic in news cycles this year, with success from SpaceX and private launches of billionaires Bezos and Branson. However, space didn’t just move headlines this year, it moved bottom lines as well. Privatized space infrastructure investment drew $3.9 billion in 2021Q3, setting an annual record of $10.3 billion. Space investments are broadly divided up into infrastructure (which posted the record year), distribution, and application. Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPAC) were the predominant factor in space investments. The capital was raised in private markets and mergers to go public happened frequently this quarter by Rocket Lab, Spire Global, BlackSky, Momentous, and Redwire. The trend won’t stop this quarter as more deals SPAC deals are expected to place and set more records in Q4. Space investment has raised nearly $231.2 billion in private equity since 2012.

FINSUM: While a lot of major deals are done in private equity, retail investors can look to ETFs like ARKX to invest in this growing market segment.

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ESG is taking over Europe and PWC is forecasting that ESG could make up €775.7bn to €1.2tn by 2025. That figure would make ESG 27-42% of Europe’s entire private financial market, for context it is about 15% currently. Driving that projection is the EU’s new sustainable finance disclosure regulations. Almost a third of the firms surveyed cited regulation as a primary force pushing their ESG investment. Sustainable investing in Europe is also seeing large growth in a public investments like pension funds. Finally, PwC said they see a new wave of private funds coming in the future rather than a re-rigging of existing financial funds to be more ESG friendly.

FINSUM: Public investment is a critical piece of Europe’s ESG investment, which is why it was very important when the U.S. opened the doors for public sustainability investment recently.

Facebook was blacked out on Monday October 5, 2021, which they claim was related to technical issues on their backbone routers. This came just before Frances Haugen, former product manager for Facebook’s civil integrity team, said that regulators need to intervene in the ‘crisis’. Haugen told ‘60 Minutes’ that she saw Facebook consistently choose profits over public safety at Facebook.She took with her tens of thousands of documents that prove these claims. Additionally, she filed complaints with the SEC that Facebook misled investors and advertisers by not sharing the whole picture about its platform.

FINSUM: This was a huge hit to Facebook stock on Monday, but it piggybacked on the rest of tech’s rally Tuesday morning to see some recovery. It is difficult to tell how long this may loom over the stock.

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