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As the 2024 golf season kicks into gear and the warm weather sets in, financial advisors and businesses might want to consider planning for fall golf outings now. Summer and Fall offer ideal conditions with well-maintained courses, pleasant weather, and peak performance after a summer of play. 

The season also presents excellent deals at golf destinations nationwide or even abroad for those seeking Caribbean getaways or links golf in the UK or Ireland before their season ends. 

For advisors and businesses opting to stay stateside, prime golf destinations like Myrtle Beach, Scottsdale, Orlando, Las Vegas, and Alabama's Robert Trent Jones Trail offer diverse experiences to cater to various preferences and budgets. With fall golf trip bookings already on the rise, early planning ensures securing preferred travel dates and tee times for a successful outing.

Finsum: Lifestyle and activities can deepen relationships for advisors on both sides of their business, structuring more than legs but also business  potential.

When transitioning between custodians, advisors need to be on the lookout for options that could improve their practice. One of the first things to look out for is discussions around a pricing strategy rather than resorting to fixed rates marking the inception of our the plan. RIAs should look for custodians that understand their unique business before proposing a suitable pricing structure. 


A good custodian will seek insights into operations before tailoring pricing. Personalized solutions will consider a variety of factors that lead to custom solutions such as growth stage and client dynamics. By embracing flexibility and collaboration, RIAs can feel empowered when navigating custodial transitions effectively, ensuring a prosperous future for their businesses.


Look for custodians that are open to this flexibility when it comes to this sort of pricing structure and make sure they understand your business when changing providers. 

Finsum: Clients are seeking flexibility and understanding with their advisors and RIAs should look for a similar approach when it comes to custodians. 

Direct indexing, via separately managed accounts, is rapidly gaining traction as an investment strategy in the United States, particularly beneficial for those with significant holdings in company stocks, and is already proving to be major movement among prominent investment firms in 2024.


This approach allows investors to replicate index performance while retaining control over individual securities, utilizing automated programs for systematic trading. Once limited to the ultra-wealthy, recent technological advancements have made direct indexing accessible to investors of varying levels, with assets projected to reach $2 trillion by 2024.


Direct indexing offers customization, diversification, and risk mitigation, enabling investors to tailor portfolios to their preferences and goals while reducing reliance on specific stocks. With its tax efficiency and customization benefits, it’s easy to see why it’s so appealing in an SMA format and companies like Goldman Sachs are already making huge strides in this subsector. 

Finsum: The hybridization of products has been one of the defining features of the 2020’s and integrating vehicles like SMAs with direct indexing will continue the rest of the decade. 

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