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2024 Alternative Investment Survey Reveals Interesting Bullishness on Hedge Funds

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BNP Paribas conducted its annual alternative investment survey which revealed some interesting insights. There were 238 respondents, collectively representing $1.2 trillion in hedge fund assets, who were surveyed in December 2023 and January 2024. 


Many allocators are expecting a regime change with more opportunities for alpha and beta with US equities underperforming. This type of environment is more amenable to hedge fund performance. 


In contrast, hedge funds struggled in 2023 with an average return of 7.6%, while the S&P 500 was up 24%. It was the inverse of 2022 when hedge funds outperformed while both fixed income and equities were down double-digits. Interestingly, hedge funds outperformed global equity markets by 5.7% over the full 2 years. 


Going forward, allocators seem bullish on hedge funds. History indicates the asset class outperforms during periods of ‘high, stable rates. Over the last 2 years, allocators increased their expected return from 7.5% to 9.1%, which is the highest over the last decade. 


In 2023, there was a $100 billion in net outflows due to rebalancing flows, underperformance, and competition from risk-free returns at 5%. This year, survey respondents are expected to add $17 billion on a net basis. 

Finsum: BNP Paribas conducted a survey of asset allocators. They are increasing allocations to hedge funds as the asset class has historically outperformed in high, stable rate environments.


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