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Friday, 03 December 2021 16:50

JPMorgan is Very Bullish on 2022

Markets were flummoxed early this week with the growing Omicron Covid-19 variant spreading rapidly in pockets globally. Despite these growing concerns and a seemingly endless pandemic, the JPMorgan is calling for a big 2022. With one of the absolute highest predictions on wall street JPMorgan is calling for a 5050 S&P 500 to end 2022. Easing supply chains, earrings growth and a more stable China are the key parts of their prediction for a successful equity market in 2022. Even if investors overweight China in their portfolios, the biggest threat will be domestically. A hawkish turn by the Fed would be detrimental to their prediction and is still the largest sort of risk in JPMorgans eyes.

FINSUM: Powell is talking tapering and rate rises just as Omicron is spreading which could be the perfect storm for a bad Q1 in 2022.

Friday, 03 December 2021 16:49

Goldman Rides Amazon to the Clouds

Goldman Sachs has a new platform for investors to assist in portfolio management. In a partnership with Amazon’s cloud division, GS is bringing data and software tools for software management to a cloud computing environment. The product will give investors access to aggregated data and GS expertise in investing. Additionally they hope to lower the barrier to entry for quantitative trading techniques and allow smaller firms to have access. The partnership came as a shock at how close both companies are to one another. This also adds another company to Amazon's growing list of cloud based partnerships which have had an incredibly high success rate. GS will monetize the platform and target it to hedge funds and other financial companies.

FINSUM: This products biggest benefit will be the clean data and accessibility, but a strong partnership like this could send regulation warning signs to Washington.

Friday, 03 December 2021 16:48

How to Capitalize on Stable Coin Regulation

Traditional crypto dominates headlines, and while regulations are an inevitability in the U.S.; stable coins are getting some attention from regulators as well. Stable coins are cryptos pegged predominantly the U.S. dollar, using assets like T-bills to back them as an underlying asset. They are used to trade other crypto currencies by many investors and have yields bringing in over 7%. However, the underlying assets backing stable coins are opaque and include commercial paper, loans, or swaps. The Biden admin is calling on Congress, and the Treasury if they fail to act, to regulate the industry because the fear of a run on stable coins is gowing. However, Wall Street views these regulations as a positive for the industry and legitimize stable coins. Mastercard, Visa, Western Union, Silvergate Capital and Signature bank could all benefit given how much they interact with stable coins.

FINSUM: Regulation is the best thing for stable coins, they get so many overseas investors who want hold dollar denominated assets, and this will calm fears of a run on the asset.

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