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Black Rock Increasing Focus on Active Funds

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In an article for Vettafi, Todd Rosenblum covers the growth of active equity and fixed income funds, and how they are taking an increasing share of the ETF market. 

The category has seen 50% growth in assets over the last 3 years and now comprises 6% of the total ETF market. In response to this demand, there has been an increase in the issuance of active ETFs. 

It’s particularly relevant for fixed income as active funds can take advantage of opportunities unavailable to passive funds. One example is the Blackrock Flexible Income ETF which is designed to give investors opportunities for yield in more obscure markets. 

Blackrock is a major presence in the active ETF market and also recently launched the BlackRock Ultra Short-Term Bond ETF and the BlackRock Short Maturity Bond ETF. Overall, Blackrock is looking to create a comprehensive ‘active ETF platform that complements its existing lineup of passive ETFs and active mutual funds. It gives advisors and investors access to its investment resources and management while retaining the benefits of an ETF. 

Finsum: Active ETFs are booming, and Blackrock is looking to capitalize with several recent offerings in the space.


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