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How to Grow Your Client Base

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One of the biggest challenges for financial advisors is growing your client base. Rebecca Lake, CEPF recently penned an article for SmartAsset providing strategies on how to get more clients. According to Lake, the first step is to know your audience. Knowing whom you want to serve can help shape your marketing efforts in appealing to your ideal client. This can include demographics such as age range, marital status, children, and average annual income. Lake also recommends niching down in terms of your advisory services. This can help grow your client base by focusing on a smaller number of potential clients and offering a specialized service that they're seeking. Lake notes that the smaller the niche, the “greater the opportunity you have to grow your client base if you're one of only a handful of advisors who are meeting the needs of that market segment.” The next strategy is to fine-tune your brand. This can include a good logo, especially when it's linked to a catchphrase or slogan. Next, networking with other individuals in the financial services community can boost your visibility. The final strategy is to leverage your existing clients by asking for referrals, which can be a highly effective way to get new clients, but make sure to frame the ask carefully.

Finsum:Rebecca Lake wrote an article for SmartAsset on how to grow your business, including strategies such as knowing your audience, finding a niche, fine-tuning your brand, networking, and asking for referrals.

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