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Another Surveys Shows Advisors Still Not Embracing Direct Indexing

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Based on the results of a recent survey by Broadridge, advisors are still not embracing direct indexing. The survey data showed that just 12% of advisors are “very familiar” with direct indexing. In fact, fewer than one-third even consider themselves “somewhat familiar” with direct indexing, while 40% say they are aware of the technology, and 15% have never heard of it. Ram Ramaswamy, Head of Custom Direct Indexing at Neuberger Berman, told Ignites that he has encountered resistance from advisors to any new investment option. “The first thing we hear from a lot of advisors is that they are comfortable using the ETF and mutual fund model,” said Ramaswamy. In addition to resistance to new investment options, data gathering could be another impediment. Cindy Galiano, Head of Product, Investment Management at Morningstar Wealth, told Financial Advisor IQ, “Implementing direct indexing successfully requires a lot more than a Bloomberg terminal and a list of client holdings. An enormous amount of data is needed that ranges from benchmarks and prices to sophisticated risk models and portfolio optimization tools.”

Finsum:Due todata gathering and resistance to new investment options, advisors are still not embracing direct indexing. 

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