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Move over, Taylor: succession planning makes it two sheriffs in town

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Thought Taylor Swift was all the rage? Okay; fair enough, especially if you ask Ticketmaster.

But she’s going to have to scoot over. In the financial industry, succession planning’s become all that and more, according to Not only that, when it comes to the movement of advisors its propelled into a primary driver.

Programs like Merrill’s CTP (Client Transition Program), Morgan Stanley’s FAP (Former Advisor Program), and UBS’s ALFA (Aspiring Legacy Financial Advisor) Program, have been formulated by most wealth management firms. As a result, senior advisors can call it a day in place and the next gen, over time, can assume the reins of the business.

With succession planning, of course, employees are recruited and developed, according to The intent: to fill a role – a key one, at that – with an organization. What it does is rachet up the availability of employees who’ve not only been around the block, but competent, to boot. They’re up to the task of supplanting members of the old guard who’ve oh, say, left, retired or passed away.

Succession planning circumvents the potential of creating a hole in leadership in the aftermath of a retirement or departure of an organization’s senior officer.

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