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Change – but hardly simply for the sake of it

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With advisors increasingly turning to model portfolios, it seems the financial product distribution landscape’s in the crosshairs of transformation, according to

Particularly significant, they’ve had a big time role in packaged mutual fund advisory programs where an advisor hands off discretionary investment management to an internal investment committee/research team at a distributor.

Of course, one size, as you’ve probably heard, doesn’t fit all advisors, broker/dealers and asset managers throughout the industry. Their lights are lit by different factors to leverage model portfolios, the site continued.

Ah, but at the same time, bear in mind that if you’re a, um, control freak, you might want to think twice about model portfolios. Probably do anyway; think twice that is. Anyway, in going with the portfolios, you surrender some control of your asset management, according to Then there’s the fact that, as with other investments, if you’re looking for a sure thing in terms of performance, forget about it. 

That’s to say nothing of the additional fees tacked on with model portfolios that would be a non issue if you selected investments on your own. 

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