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Tuesday, 18 January 2022 08:36

Fine Wines: 2022 Market Outlook

Ready to learn more? Read Cult Wines' entire 2022 market outlook here. Fine wine can continue to post healthy performance and carry over a fantastic 2021 campaign into 2022. Economic growth and a deepening supply-demand imbalance point to ongoing price appreciation ... [Read More]

Tuesday, 18 January 2022 08:35

How I came to love NFTs

Admit it: The first time you heard about non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, you probably thought they were ridiculous ... [Read More]

hroughout 2021 one of the biggest worries for investors, business owners, and policy makers has been the return of inflation. Long dormant, inflation has surged as markets and economies recover from the COVID-19 pandemic ... [Read More]

Tuesday, 18 January 2022 08:32

Why Invest When the Market is up over 100%

We currently find ourselves in an unusual situation, as far as the economy and the financial markets. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Federal Government and Federal Reserve introduced massive fiscal and monetary stimulus programs ... [Read More]

Thursday, 13 January 2022 17:29

SEC Might Shut Down Trump Era Vestige

Former President Donald Trump wasn’t quiet about his opposition to traditional media outlets and big tech, and in an attempt to solidify that stance he tried to form his own SPAC. However, Biden’s regulatory watchdog and SEC chairman Gary Gensler may be cracking down on the newly forming SPAC. Trump’s SPAC is being backed by some Chinese investors who are drawing the regulator’s eyes. Additionally, Gensler has made it known his opposition to SPAC’s as a financial vehicle regardless. The SEC will be doing more research into Trump’s SPAC and it will face an uphill battle to get approval.

FINSUM: In a wider setting SPACs are still an interesting alternative, but Trump’s history and investors make this particular SPAC riskier.

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