Friday, 31 December 2021 06:49

Biden Has Big Regulations Coming

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Biden was expected to come into the presidency with a tough regulation on Wallstreet. However, the snail’s pace with which Biden replaced key financial regulatory figures, hindered the quick change many expected, but now many officials are in place and change is coming. One of the biggest areas of the crackdown will be on stable coins and other digital currency as the federal government views them as systematically risky. Additionally the Biden admin will begin constricting new fintech lenders, who many in the admin see as pseudo-banks without any of the stringent regulation that affects the real banking industry. This is all part of larger changes that will take a more restrictive stance on Wallstreet undoing a lot of friendlier policies from the Trump administration and will include other central topics like climate change.

FINSUM: With many regulators now in place real change could be coming to the street, the tech-related products which are viewed as unregulated to this new administration.

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