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How to Buy Annuities When Rates are Low

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While yields have been rising over the last few weeks, the reality is that they are still near historic lows, and far below the level most retirees need in order to earn decent income, especially given how risky bonds currently appear. So, in this very difficult environment annuities have emerged as a good option, but how to take best advantage of them when rates are so low? There are a few options, but the best one is “laddering”, or buying multiple annuities over time in order to not commit your entire pot of capital at a time when rates are so low. Additionally, some annuities offer dividend payments on top of regular payouts, which can provide extra income.

FINSUM: One of the big worries right now is putting a big pot of money into annuities, only to see rates and payouts rise in a couple years. Hence laddering is good strategy.

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