Wednesday, 18 April 2018 08:04

The SEC Fiduciary Rule Set to Go Far Beyond the DOL’s

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Advisors need to prepare themselves for what could be a harsh reality. While the wealth management business collectively holds a great deal of hope that the SEC will come out with an enlightened rule that makes much more sense than its DOL predecessor, the reality is that the SEC rule is likely to be much more expansive, and potentially much more onerous. The new SEC rule seems poised to cover all types of accounts and all groups—RIAs, B-Ds, and “associated persons”, all under a broad umbrella.

FINSUM: While the industry definitely has a much higher faith in the SEC, there is certainly an element of the “devil you know” going on here. If the rule is much more expansive, it could lead to a higher regulatory burden and yet more disruption to the industry.

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