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Follow the Yield in Emerging Markets

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Pakistan and Kenya have made some of the quickest economic turnarounds in recent memory for emerging market economies and as a result investors are buying up their bonds rapidly. This is part of a larger trend as previously neglected debts from countries like Egypt, Pakistan, Nigeria, and Kenya are now appealing again, driven by interest rate hikes and currency market liberalizations.


With falling interest rates in mature markets, these relatively higher yields are enticing. In Turkey, high interest rates have drawn investors back, and Egypt's debt has seen significant foreign investment, supported by currency devaluation and free-floating exchange rates. Investors view these reforms as promising, despite risks such as volatility and potential capital controls.


Potentially prolonged high US interest rates could challenge these markets, particularly for countries with high debt interest payments. Nonetheless, some investors still find local currency bonds more attractive than dollar-denominated debt, seeing the current situation as the beginning of more gains.

Finsum: It might not be too late to chase the yield curve in some of these emerging market economies. 

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