Tuesday, 28 May 2024 10:11

Central Banks Creating Opportunities in Bond Markets

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The federal reserve is holding steady with interest rates, at least at the current time, but other central banks around the globe are cutting and other hiking, creating opportunities in fixed income. While this is certainly adding a level of depth to portfolio management that hasn’t been present often in the last decade, high yields indicate great returns in fixed income.


According to Goldman Sachs investors should consider upping their exposure to high quality fixed income, emphasizing active management due to unpredictable US monetary policy. Despite expectations of rate cuts, recent inflation data suggests a "higher for longer" environment, meaning higher rates may persist. 


As a result, US equities may still be attractive, but some investors are shifting towards fixed income to capitalize on strong yields, particularly in high-quality investment-grade bonds and structured products.

Finsum: Active investors continue to have an edge with disparate monetary policy actions around the globe. 

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