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Some Advisors Slow to Adopt Alternatives

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Fidelity recently conducted a survey of advisors and found that only 26% currently have exposure to alternative investments. In contrast, 86% of institutional investors have exposure to the asset class. 


The survey also revealed that many advisors are looking for more resources to help them evaluate various alternative offerings before they feel comfortable recommending them to clients. This is despite other surveys showing that many advisors would like to increase allocation to alternatives due to their benefits such as diversification and non-correlated returns. 


Specifically, advisors cited the need for more due diligence on strategies and managers in addition to concerns about liquidity as obstacles to adoption. Many also indicated the difficulty of communicating with clients about these products given the number of options and complexities.


Adding to the challenge is that each clients’ appropriate exposure to alternatives depends on factors like time horizon, liquidity needs, and eligibility. This level of customization increases the burden on advisors to understand various options in a comprehensive manner. 


In order to address these problems, Fidelity is expanding research on various alternative investment strategies. Initially, the research will focus on private credit, private real assets, and private equity funds. According to the company, these types of tools and resources will accelerate adoption of alternatives by advisors. 

Finsum: A recent survey by Fidelity showed that many advisors have been slow to adopt alternatives. A primary reason is that advisors have a need for more due diligence on the various products and strategies before they feel comfortable recommending them to clients.

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