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Why Investors Want Lifetime Income (And Maybe Your Clients Do Too)

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Financial advisors and investors seem to be speaking different languages when it comes to annuities. A recent survey paints a curious picture: while only 19% of financial professionals perceive client interest in guaranteed lifetime income products, nearly half of the surveyed investors nearing or in retirement express the same desire. This disconnect presents an opportunity for advisors to revisit the conversation and unlock significant value for their clients.


For investors approaching their golden years, the fear of market volatility and portfolio depletion is real. They seek peace of mind, knowing a portion of their income is secure, regardless of economic turbulence. Despite their complexities, annuities offer this very protection, guaranteeing regular payouts throughout retirement.


The conversation around annuities requires reframing. It's not about sacrificing growth for a fixed income stream, but about building a holistic retirement plan that balances potential future returns with guaranteed income that alleviates anxiety and fosters financial security. Advisors who bridge this gap and proactively discuss lifetime income options with their clients stand to forge deeper trust and build stronger, more enduring relationships.

Finsum: Financial professionals may underestimate their client’s interest in guaranteed lifetime income options.


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