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Firms Combine Expertise to Offer Tax-Managed Risk-Averse Model Portfolios

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Frontier Asset Management and 55ip are combining their areas of expertise to offer financial advisors a unique set of model portfolios that will minimize risk and seek ideal tax management solutions. The two firms inked a deal this month that will apply 55ip’s tax management solutions to Frontier’s risk-averse ETF strategies so advisors can utilize both techniques within model portfolios. While Frontier does not have any proprietary ETFs, it publishes investment strategies that are used by advisors. The firm establishes a downside risk target for each strategy representing the expected one-year loss potential over 12 months. Their strategies are built around the idea of not losing more than the downside risk target 95% of the time. 55ip, on the other hand, offers tax management for an array of products such as model portfolios, ETFs, direct indexing, and active SMAs. It achieves this through proprietary algorithms, which keep track of the different portfolios the firm oversees along with every tax position and tax law related to those portfolios. Rob Miller, CEO of Frontier had this to say about the deal, “Being able to utilize 55ip’s tax overlay service within our risk-managed services gives a really unique product in the investment advisor space. We’re hoping that investment advisors will get the best of both worlds with tax and risk management for their clients.”

Finsum:Frontier Asset Management, which provides risk-management strategies, and 55ip, which offers tax management solutions are combining their expertise to provide advisors with a unique set of model portfolios.

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