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Not all REITs are created equally, and many have been pumping out dividends and will come to a screeching halt as the Fed begins to hike interest rates. However, three REITs are in a good position to show dividend resilience to the interest rate risk. The First is Medical Properties Trust which is a healthcare REIT that has three developing investments to create flows for dividends. VICI Properties is up next which is acquiring MGM Growth Properties and has a very low debt to EBITDA ratio which will help in securing dividend payouts. Finally, a long-term strategy is the 1st Street Office which has a consistently high dividend and shares are tied to its NAV.

Finsum: Rate hikes are slow to affect real estate compared to other assets, but aggressive hikes could move quicker.

There is nothing like an international conflict to generate a flight to safe assets, and as much pressure as treasury bond prices have taken in the last year, they are still the world’s premiere safe asset. Inflows post Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have lowered Treasury yields and raised bond prices. Additionally it appears that markets are either dubious of the Fed’s rate hikes or just don’t think it will take as many to get the jobs done. Regardless, many bond ETFs, particularly around treasuries have benefited such as the iShares 7-10 Year Treasury Bond ETF and the iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETF which were up 2.0% and 2.6% respectively in the last week.

Finsum: Treasuries are still the global safe asset and they are still in short supply given the abnormally low levels of U.S. interest rates.

Inflation surged to a nearly 40-year record high as the CPI index annual inflation pushed to 7.5%. This number was well above expectations and even core inflations 6% posting came in higher than consensus. In response, the Fed is going to tighten and do so significantly as regional Fed Presidents are expecting a 1% rise in the Fed Funds rate. This is a seriously hawkish turn and given there are only 3 more FOMC meetings with projections that would imply a 50-basis point rate hike possibility. The fed hasn’t hiked rates that quickly since the turn of the century. Investors are saying the Fed will want to hike by 50-basis points to keep its credibility.

Finsum: Hikes that steep could destroy the record recovery the US has had, it could lead to major windfalls in equities markets.

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