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Direct indexing holds the cards

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Talk about that feeling of being left out. You know; as in hit the road, Jack.

With direct indexing, investors can include – or turn their backs on -- specific stocks from an index, according to Not only that, entire sectors can be similarly left out. Yep, not exactly star treatment.

What’s more, leveraging guidance from an advisor, investors can do a gaggle of things; let’s say, for example, align their portfolios with their values and sustainability objectives. 

Sure, it dispenses tax loss harvesting opportunities. But there’s more. With direct indexing services like Vanguard Personalized Indexing, advisors can build customized portfolios. That accommodates their client’s individual investment goals.

While, in recent years, one of the ready for prime time features, direct indexing not only boasts positives, but downsides as well, according to

In the financial industry it’s tabbed as the foreseeable future, optimal for investors who are big believers in customizing the portfolio. For those who’ve retired, it’s the rage.

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