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Not all’s quiet in middle town America

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The Land of Oz? Um, not exactly.

While clearing the Kansas legislature, a proposal aimed at standing in the way of investing that bears in mind environmental, social and governance factors, butted against headwinds; namely, divisions within its GOP minorities that have watered down the measure, according to It represented a setback among some conservatives.

In the last two years, Oklahoma, Texas and West Virginia are among at least seven states that have enacted anti-ESG laws. Additionally, two GOP governors, Florida’s Ron DeSantis and Greg Gianforte of Montana moved to ensure the funds in their states weren’t invested with ESG principles in mind.

“We right here wanted to focus on what we control — state pensions, state investments, government contracts, stuff like that,” said Republican state Rep. Nick Hoheisel, of Wichita, chair of the House committee handling the legislation, reported

“It’s still a panicked response to a fake issue that’s been created by right-wing media,” said state Rep. Rui Xu, a Kansas City-area Democrat.

Those who are aligned with ESG principles maintain that, financially, it makes sense to keep in mind  issues like whether a shift to green energy adds more risk to investing in fossil fuel companies.


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