Thursday, 11 October 2018 10:37

A Major New Sign is Pointing to Recession

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(New York)

The amount of data pointing to recession is growing strongly. Not only are rates and yields rising quickly, but housing has been showing much weakness. Now there is another major leading indicator flashing red—commodities. Commodities are often seen as a key economic bellwether as they tend to show aggregate demand ahead of actual economic figures. By that measure, things are looking bad. Bloomberg’s commodity index has dropped 5% this summer, with both agricultural commodities and metals performing poorly. One factor hurting commodities is the Dollar, as the currency is strong and because commodities are priced in Dollars, it tends to hurt foreign demand.

FINSUM: Everything we are seeing seems to point to a peak. Housing has turned negative, commodities are weakening, and rates are rising. Did the stock market see its bull market peak last week?

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