Wednesday, 22 September 2021 17:38

How ESG Can Get Better Returns with Less Risk

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If the trend is your friend, then ESG is a bandwagon all investors should be getting on. Coming of a pandemic year where ESG funds outperformed conventional offerings, ESG has been red hot in 2021, gathering up mountains of assets. There appear to be two major reasons for this. The first is that more and more investors care to be socially-conscious in their portfolios, and secondly, because a long-held thesis that ESG funds would outperform is coming true. Over recent periods, ESG has had less volatility and more upside than traditional funds.

FINSUM: One can play with the time frame and other variables to produce the results they want, but logically speaking ESG is making more sense as the risks in the market are increasingly aligned with ESG: politics, natural (and other) disasters, social changes etc.

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