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Monday, 22 January 2018 11:23

Are You Ready for a Market Meltdown?

(New York)

Barron’s has published a very curious article. The piece takes a look at the market and spends a great deal of time showing how the current stock market is both technically and fundamentally sound. The economy is good, market momentum is strong, the rally has good breadth—the whole nine yards. Yet, its overall tone is that investors need to be worried, and prepare themselves for the inevitable downturn. One way to prepare would be to cut out the weakest stocks in your portfolio (likely all with gains, but less than others) as these are likely to fall harder than the best performing stocks. Additionally, consider cashing in some chips, and also, importantly, defining clearly when you will pull out, whether it is when a trend line is broken or at a 10% loss etc.

FINSUM: This market is very rich, but also incredibly hard to time (as always). However, there could still be a lot of gains before a correction arrives.

Published in Macro
Wednesday, 10 January 2018 10:44

Why It is Time to Pullback from Tech

(New York)

Tech has been the undisputed leader of the rally over the last several months, but there might be cracks in its armor that investors need to be aware of. Internal price momentum has started to fade in the sector, and it looks as though it might be ready to hand over leadership of the market. According to one equity analyst, “Relative performance has diverged on the sector’s new high, while semiconductors and small caps have failed to confirm as well”.

FINSUM: No one wants to hear this, but with valuations so high, it might well be true. The other big risk is regulation, but given good business momentum in the sector, there could still be some room to run.

Published in Eq: Large Cap

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