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Low Volatility Strategy Weather Market Distress

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2022 has seen one of the most volatile six-month stresses that hasn’t included a full-blown economic collapse. With the U.S. recession looming, Fed tightening, surging inflation, and international conflict all still very much in play investors need a volatility strategy. Most investors’ loss aversion keeps them out of market gains and a negative bias, and a low volatility strategy can curb those fears while allowing participation. This is a factor-based approach to investment where a considerable factor can be on stocks with more stable price movements in comparison to the rest of the market. Typically this strategy favors older, medium to large companies, with stable performance. If markets take a large hit many of these bear less of the losses, but they still can capture the rallies during high volatility.

Finsum: A momentum factor strategy has the advantage in low-interest rate booms, but favoring stable price movements might beat markets in this environment. 

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