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Elon Musk Bearish on Real Estate

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Over the last year, Elon Musk has been increasingly pessimistic about the US economy and warning that a more severe downturn is coming. Recently, he warned that the prospects of commercial real estate would suffer due to a lack of financing given stresses in the banking system, and workers who are not returning to offices. In an article for TheStreet, Luc Olinga covers Musk’s thoughts on the matter.

Now, the Tesla founder and CEO is also warning that the residential real estate market could face similar pain as inflation and a weakening economy mean that demand will be tempered, while supply is artificially constrained as homeowners with low mortgage rates are unwilling to sell. 

He sees the same underlying factor negatively impacting residential real estate and commercial real estate - banks raising their lending standards which curtails demand. This would lead many prospective buyers to fail to qualify for a mortgage. 

On top of this, there are a myriad of other economic stresses such as inflation and higher rates leading to higher costs and payments. At the same time, Musk sees it as inevitable that the labor market experiences its own downturn, adding to pain for the US economy and housing market. 

Finsum: Elon Musk has been quite vocal in warning about risks to the economic outlook. He recently shared why he thinks residential real estate could follow commercial real estate lower. 


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