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Thursday, 02 January 2020 10:45

JP Morgan May Be Ready to Surge

(New York)

JP Morgan finished 2019 on a bang and was a great stock all year. It rose by a market-beating 42% over the course of the year despite worries over the economy and declining interest rates. This has led some to think the bank’s stock is overpriced, but many, like RBC believe it will continue to rise. The bank has what is considered a “fortress” balance sheet and it has done a great job diversifying its revenue streams so that its earnings are smoother. Jamie Dimon has no plans to retire.

FINSUM: Aside from its well balanced revenue streams (47% from consumer and community banking, 31% from its corporate and investment bank), the bank is also making a bigger push into wealth management, which could start helping the stock.

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(New York)

One thing about the wealth management landscape that has never made much sense is how JP Morgan is not early as big a player as one might expect given the overall strength of its brand. Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch hog all the AUM and attention, with JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs mostly on the outside looking in. Well, that may be about to change, as JP Morgan is now planning some big changes to its wealth management business. According to the WSJ “The bank is creating a unit that will combine its U.S. wealth-management operations for affluent clients and the Chase branch network’s financial-advisory business”.

FINSUM: This sounds like a plan to go after mass market wealth management like Morgan Stanley or the Thundering Herd. Could be a big play.

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Friday, 08 November 2019 11:59

JP Morgan Goes All-in on Stocks

(New York)

Goodbye bearishness, hello risk-on. JP Morgan took a pivot from the rest of the Wall Street research machine today and took some bold steps in its allocation recommendations. The bank said that investors should take money out of gold and other risk averse assets, like government bonds, and put it into risk assets like stocks. The bank’s strategy team said “We maintain a significant and incrementally larger tilt in our model portfolio towards risky assets, based on signs of a cyclical recovery, easing geopolitical tensions, synchronized monetary easing, and defensive investor positioning across asset classes”.

FINSUM: The clouds do seem to be parting a bit, but there are still a lot of x factors—which is exactly the reason this could turn out to be a very good call.

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(New York)

JP Morgan has gone on the record with two worrying recession warnings this week. The first came from the consumer focused analyst in their research division, who warned that the US consumer—who has been the key support for the economy—will weaken rapidly in 2020. Now, the analyst at JP Morgan who covers GE says that markets are likely to sink alongside falling economic expectations. The key point being made is that just having lower expectations won’t allow markets to rebound. “Don’t expect to see enough to justify a meaningful rebound in sentiment”, he said.

FINSUM: The whole of the economy, other than consumers, has been pretty weak lately. If the consumer falters, it is hard to imagine the US staying out of a recession for long.

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Monday, 30 September 2019 09:02

JP Morgan Warns Investors to Abandon US Stocks

(New York)

Well they might not have exactly said what is in this headline, but they might as well have. The bank is urging investors to rotate into European equities and out of US stocks, shifting the former to “overweight” and the latter to “neutral”. The bank argues that European stocks represent a much better value after their underperformance over the last year. They believe European stocks have a great deal of upside and look close to “outright cheap”.

FINSUM: European stocks do seem to have a lot more room to move higher, but they also have a giant morass staring them in the eye called Brexit.

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