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Thursday, 02 December 2021 08:10

Infrastructure Investing: The Pure-Play Advantage

ProShares DJ Brookfield Global Infrastructure ETF (TOLZ) is the only ETF that focuses exclusively on pure-play companies—the owners and operators of infrastructure assets...See More

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Tuesday, 09 November 2021 17:37

A Good Time to Invest in Infrastructure

President Biden spoke at the Port in Baltimore to celebrate the passage of the $550 billion dollar spending bill which will allocate $17.1b to ports like the one he spoke at. In order to expedite the spending spree, the White House said that $240 million of the bill will be allocated to grants that they plan to move on in the next 45 days. The Biden administration sees port infrastructure spending as part of a key process to alleviate the supply constraints in the U.S. economy that are a key contributor to record inflation in many policy makers' eyes. The Bill is already facing criticism from former President Donald Trump who says only a fraction of the bill's allotment will be spent on infrastructure. However, it was 11 republicans who stepped across the aisle that was key to passing Biden’s first signature piece of infrastructure legislation.

FINSUM: It would be a big win for the U.S. economy if the infrastructure bill could make substantial gains toward reducing inflation which has markets flummoxed and consumers concerned.

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This whole year it is has been assumed—almost as an unquestioned default—that taxes would rise under the Biden administration. For example, munis have surged in value on this expectation. However, that assumption seems to have gotten well ahead of itself as new developments suggest tax changes may be a way off yet. The big change is that the infrastructure package is coming up for a vote—potentially this week—and the deal which has materialized between the parties has no tax rises whatsoever in it. That means Biden’s plan to hitch tax rises to increased infrastructure expenditure have fallen through, at least for the time being.

FINSUM: So if this plan gets approved without any tax changes—which looks quite likely—it seems clear that clients will escape 2021 without any major changes to federal taxes (including long-term capital gains taxes). Therefore, any planning should take account of the fact that 2021 may be much more advantageous than 2022.

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ESG has already taken the financial world, nearly dominating every other headline over the past couple of years…see the full story on our partner Magnifi’s site

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Infrastructure investment has changed vastly in the last few years. Not only is the sector at...see the full story here

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