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Why The Special Counsel to Investigate Trump is a Mistake

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The appointment of Robert Mueller, former FBI director, to investigate Donald Trump’s ties to Russia is a mistake, a least according to the Wall Street Journal. This article argues that deputy attorney-general Rosenstein gave in to pressure in appointing a special counsel to investigate Trump. The piece says the nature of the appointment makes Mueller unaccountable and that his own interests mean he will likely need to bring some charges to justify his existence. Young prosecutors on his team may also try to use the high profile investigation to boost their careers. Essentially, his appointment means he will have the power to harass and undermine the Trump administration for the next four years, contends the Journal.

FINSUM: It is a good point that a special counsel in this situation will seemingly have limitless authority to investigate whatever and whomever he wants. It is also true that the counsel’s interests are to bring charges.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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